Our story

Passionate about improving cross-border trade using innovative technology combined with commercial acumen. We believe there is urgent need for greater automation and tailored service to support international sales, finance and operations.

Ramin Takin

Ramin has delivered financing for international orders with contract values ranging from a few tens of thousands up to billion-dollar financings, he's seen the challenges that businesses face such as contract delivery deadlines, managing supply chain relationships and navigating the burdens of bureaucracy.

Ramin started his career with Citigroup London in international banking before moving to the Dubai IFC, then an an oil services firm. There he had a pivotal role in transformational cross border deals, leading export financing, logistics and interfacing with small and large supply chain teams.

He has an MEng in Engineering, Economics and Management from University of Oxford and a PhD from Imperial College London.

Chris Woodington

At Cargill early-on in his career, Chris delivered web and financial control tech - a perfect introduction to the world of global trading. Here he saw how technology and data is crucial for informed decisions. Getting your international trade going takes time, effort and patience but it's important to focus on the right areas with your limited resource - so Exabler fits nicely.

At Deloitte he worked on business change initiatives across FMCG, govt, capital markets, treasury and technology organisations worldwide. Time and again he led successful global change projects cross boundaries, languages and cultures - all involving high levels of data and technology.

He has an MEng in Engineering and Computing Science from University of Oxford.