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B2B eCommerce

A managed international trade service with simple technology to let you focus on developing new products and new markets

  • Enhance B2B buyer experience with accurate all-in quotes and reduce cart abandonment
  • Be compliant to international practices for selling overseas and mitigate sales risks
  • Fast turnaround to international RFQs to non-EU destinations through our network of service providers
  • Offer trade credit and payment terms to international B2B buyers with ease and with confidence

Increase overseas B2B sales without the overhead

We are streamlining international B2B eCommerce, to make more sellers compliant with regulations and reduce their costs

Exabler addresses your challenges ..

  • Long turnaround and customers waiting for price quotes — B2B websites often default to 'Price on Application' or 'Contact Us for a Quote' when it comes to international orders
  • Excessive caution or unnecessary risk-taking — If uncertainty means you have to turn down customers' special T&Cs or refuse trade credit terms, you risk losing out to in-market suppliers
  • Time and money to learn red tape — Tailor your T&Cs to match new countries' import regulations and quickly get efficient at quoting and delivering overseas, to handle international orders profitably

.. helping you to avoid

  • Poor customer experience — with lost sales where customers will not pay upfront in GBP, pay unknown import duties at delivery, or accept unclear export and VAT documentation
  • Commercial risks — with missed regulations, document errors or unclear contract terms leading to commercial disputes, goods being held up, or even censure by authorities
  • Unprofitable relationships — with trial-and-error customer service giving customers a bad impression from receiving non-compliant quotes or hiccups in order delivery

Parkway Logic audit of B2B eCommerce websites in the UK with worldwide delivery finds only 10% explicitly state Incoterms at checkout