Receive payment from the buyer with peace of mind

What FX rate should you to use to quote a price? Thinking if and when you need to fix your foreign currency exposure? Fed up with the high cost and lack of transparency about cross-border payments? Concerned you may not be able to arrange finance because your customer has weak credit?
Exabler helps you find the different ways to mitigate risk and find providers to keep the costs as low as possible.

What will do for me?

No hassle

With Exabler you can quickly get information about banking costs and regulation impacts of receiving money abroad, when you need it. Start with an automatic ball-park estimate that gradually gets refined with exact numbers as you progress. We also provide online and telephone support if you need it.

Best fit

Get your trade information together in one place and set up the right currency arrangements with professional people who know SMEs. And if you are concerned about getting paid, Exabler helps you compare between bank guarantee, credit insurance and letter of credit arrangements.


Quickly get quotes that match your needs and pre-empt any problems with T&Cs, exclusions and documentary requirements with the help of online standardised processes, saving you time communicating with the quote providers.

Easy connection to payments

Quick connection to regulated foreign currency payment providers and seamless handover provided all the relevant data capture forms are completed