Export documents in easy steps with workflow

When closing the deal, very often thinking about documents is the last thing to do. Don't because this can be an important factor in your export process, especially for letters of credit.
Use Exabler to manage documents from template to final version, then a legalised version if needed. Tracking and audit trail this progress is easy.

How does Exabler manage my documents?

Integrated information

Very often one document impacts another, so when you change your order value all related forms and documents change. Exabler has workflows that give visibility across delivery partners, flagging when one change takes place so that, say, the customs agent knows he needs another stamp.

Pre-filled templates

No more empty templates. Partially filled, ready to go. Exabler aims to let you hit the ground running with all the import export documents ready to be finalised for the target destination and assigned via the workflow to the right partner if you have chosen one.

Stored, audited, compliant

No more last minute panics, control at your fingertips. Centralised export document management with an audit trail of the development is the strongest form of compliance you need to control your export risks. Compliance is not a nice-to-have in today's world, be ahead of the pack with these functions built-in and secured.

Workflow, audit, storage, compliance

With document management functions, you are only one-click away from a review of your export order. No longer is this important discipline a nice-to-have. With Exabler it is a standard.