Work closer and faster with shippers, foster their loyalty

Faster, easier, more accurate data entry

  • Shipping instructions you receive are more accurate, with nudges from FastCheck™ on trade controls, licences, and more
  • If shippers ask you to 'do it all' for them, with Client Workspaces you can. For example –
  • Use the time-saving tools they would get, like bulk data entry & cloning repeat trades, and
  • Process PDF invoices and packing lists faster and more accurately with Smart OCR, and in multiple languages with complex character sets
  • Quickly create high quality own branded quotes/invoices with standardised fees and costs, for air, sea or land movements
  • Invite them to access trade data and documents for their compliance and reporting needs
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International trade quoting
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Make it easy for shippers to track liabilities

  • Auto updates from HMRC ready for up to the minute tracking of imports/export clearances
  • Seamlessly tracked and audited events and smart tagging alongside messaging, progress tracking, and task assignment
  • Centralised document storage & record keeping to keep all vital trade documents in one place and quickly accessible to you and your shippers
  • Configurable dashboard of assigned requests across your business, who is assigned to what and when and the latest progress
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Offer clients a seamless suite of services

  • Use the Trade Services Hub™ to offer and manage a broader range of services for your clients, for example –
  • Work with other forwarders/brokers, e.g. for sub contracting, workforce management, data sharing, end-to-end customs or movements
  • Add drivers, transport managers and carriers who can 'pop in' to provide updates e.g. on transit, inventory-linked or GVMS references without paying for an extra user
  • Work with and share data instantly with brokers who can clear in ports you do not have badges or where having to maintain CDS capability too costly
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Track client communications
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Valuable software to SME shippers looking to manage complexity

  • Our unique model allows forwarders to provide an accessible Global Trade Management (GTM) solution to support their shippers
  • Comparable to systems that large enterprises use without the fuss of systems integration and burdensome onboarding
  • Exabler is self-starting. All training and tutorials are contained within the solution so there is no support requirement on you. We have UK customer service.
  • On sign-up to our Connect plan get an immediate listing of services - ready to receive quote requests. Complete onboarding by adding other services, e.g. warehousing, packing, or insurance products
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What our clients say

Exabler is a great application for exporters like ourselves. Generation of bid documents and export documents is easy. Saves us a lot of time and energy and great to have everything all in one place.

Industrial goods trader

We have done our first delivery from China and I just want to say thank you for your help

Medical equipment importer

With the Brexit situation looking worse than ever, we had a problem planning freight and customs. With you it's solved.

Consumer electronics brand




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