Digital Solutions for Global Trade

Exabler's AI-powered ecosystem automates cross-border trade, streamlines filings, helps manage compliance, connects traders with forwarders, banks, and more.
For manufacturers, wholesalers, etc.
For service providers

Trade Compliance and Performance Analytics

Collect, Identify, and Act

Get the most from your existing customs and supply chain data with AI/ML analytics to manage compliance and improve your supply chain operations.
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Collect Data

Intelligently gather and organise vast pre-trade and post-trade supply chain data

Data from CDS, logistics, financial systems, even US a1A records
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Actionable Insights

Detect and prioritise compliance and operational challenges with AI-powered analytics

Reclaim opportunities, more comprehensive broker management
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Manage Actions

Dramatically reduce internal and external response times, improve decision-making

Manage investigations, automate pre-filing compliance checks, real-time alerts

Productivity-enhancing tools leveraging decades of experience.

To learn more, improve compliance and enhance your business relationships

You're in good company

Who is it for

Supply chain and shipping offices of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and any other business that moves physical goods across borders

And the trade service providers they work with - forwarders, customs brokers, banks, insurers, testing and inspection agencies, importers of record, and more

Interface seamlessly

Using APIs with Cargowise and many others. Start immediately with CSVs. Or use our Document Ingestor.

Rapidly deploy

No need for extensive consultancy. Getting going with self help or use our simple onboarding service options.

Data security and privacy

Instant secure sharing with providers, never loose a document again. Sensitive commerical information remains private.

Document ingestor

Painless and simple data capture from any document or scan

With our document and filing widget, minimal data entry or interfacing is required. Get going instantly.

Upload one-by-one or upload many documents in one go. Filings can be created in minutes.

For forwarders and brokers, embed on your website for a seamless entry to your workflow.

Integrated with all our existing tooling, market data checks and AI models for accuracy.

All data is held securely according privacy policy.


Exabler is a great application for exporters like ourselves. Generation of bid documents and export documents is easy. Saves us a lot of time and energy and great to have everything all in one place.

Industrial goods trader

We have done our first delivery from China and I just want to say thank you for your help

Medical equipment importer

With Exabler we all feel reassured that we will manage the impact of Brexit processes.

High-tech electronics distributor




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