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ExportMap guide to the main import and export activities from our presentation

Download our training delivery to the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® (CIMA) - world leading and largest professional body of management accountants.

International Trade Graph Explorer

GEX snapshot of goods imported and exported by a company, together with othre companies that also do the same

Read this guide to a tool we created to help with background checking companies and exploring your business landscape

Part 1/3 - Exports: Crisis or Opportunity?

Part 2/3 - The Outlook for Looking Outwards

Part 3/3 - Trading in the Old Way for Trading in the New Way

Boosting Industrial Goods Exports - #infographic

Infographic about small business share of UK industrial exports
Small Business in International Trade - #infographic

Infographic about the role of small business
Exabler's first published article

Published in Surrey Chambers of Commerce magazine in 2016