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Monthly rolling contract with 30-day notice. This page is illustrative only. Actual costs depend on actual usage and are subject to further terms and conditions. Additional features such as data connectors to your ERP, freight & customs software are available.
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We estimate a typical business saves 15-30% of the time of its customs brokers and freight forwarding agents. With time saved, your team is freed to pursue new sales, offer higher-value services to existing clients, and take on bigger clients using EXabler's automation and compliance tools.

In addition, EXabler offers other cost savings and customer relationship benefits not quantified here. For example, automatic status updates for clients, regular compliance reports, and you may no longer need some existing ancillary software.

Frequently asked questions

Why should we ask shippers to complete a digital instruction instead of simply sending us PDFs and other documents?

Using Exabler saves time for both you and the shipper. Here's how:

When importing, the invoices and packing lists that businesses receive from their suppliers often lack information like destination market tariff codes and in some cases are unintelligible to machine reading.

Normally your client just passes them on to you to decipher the contents and conduct a time-consuming back-and-forth with them, and still somtimes tariffs paid need to be reclaimed or worse.

Instead, Exabler can take a feed from their purchase order system, help them validate against their product/SKU databases and UK 10-digit commodity codes, and check many other data points automatically using our FastCheck algorithm.

When exporting, shippers can use Exabler to create clean trade documents rapidly from datafile uploads, internal products/SKUs lists, trade controls databases, and nomenclature lookups, saving them time and making your job easier when you do look at the documents.

In both imports and exports, digital sourcing offers them data integrity checking and fast change control, helping ensure consistent instructions are sent to forwarders, brokers, and internal operations teams even in fluid situations.

Your clients will thank you for it.

We already have a portal for our clients to send us spreadsheets and trade docs and we already use a customs filing system. How is Exabler any different?

Exabler can act as a client portal for you, but for the shipper it is a GTM system. They get access to many benefits normally only available on major systems requiring expensive implementation, like

  • reading large lists of line items automatically,
  • keeping product commodity codes and trade preferences up to date,
  • creating standardised digital trade documents,
  • coordinating multi-user access for their own team and external suppliers, and
  • powerful customisable compliance reporting for their organisation,

as well as getting - uniquely to Exabler -

  • seamless access to other trade services that complement your services.

This is a significant benefit for the trader and access by your invitation will foster a long term relationship.

If you have a portal and would like to discuss how this can be linked to Exabler, please get in touch.

Is Exabler a freight and customs marketplace?

Each customs broker and freight forwarder has the option of working with clients in their own secure and private workspace. Other brokers and forwarders cannot browse competitors or their clients.

Our emphasis is on quality of experience and a step change in the provision of technology to shippers and their partners, not a race toward the lowest rate. Utilising Exabler allows you to compete more effectively with an enhanced digital offering against large scale digital freight forwarding companies.

Our freight forwarding and customs brokerage business is in the EU or US or elsewhere in the world. Can we use Exabler?

Yes, Exabler is a global solution. While we have some specialist features for UK customers, the processes are applicable globally and we are supporting companies engaged in relevant processes for example:

- UK traders looking for European logistics and customs providers to cover their new arrangements in Europe following Brexit.

- Commercial managers looking to improve their distribution businesses in destination markets and keep control of their brand. For example, importer of record or fiduciary agents are an interesting area to those businesses who wish to operate more flexibly overseas without the overhead of extensive new operations or distributor agreements.

We don't have badges to cover some UK ports our customers need to use and have to subcontract to other forwarders. Can Exabler help us?

Yes. We have deals in place with customs brokers who can service this business for you.

Simply schedule some time with us to find out more about how to use this service.