Only quality information can deliver better customs declarations

Exabler helps forwarders get more complete and timely information from shippers. Why is this important?

Getting this wrong is the root cause of most delays and follow-up questions when clearing customs.

This is not a new situation, but Brexit means it's spread even to those who only deal with EU trade.

Direct customs filing software is a blessing, but not if you receive incomplete, inconsistent and/or late information from your clients. Similarly, the best customs brokers in the world cannot deal with the problem at the top of the stream for you: missing or mangled information. As George Feuchsel of IBM put it, "Garbage in, Garbage out."

Exabler's online Trade Services Hub makes it easy for you to get better information from your customers, on time and in digital form that you don't have to decipher and type in by hand.

For instance, Exabler helps you and your customers pre-check information, e.g. when there are many goods codes, complex consignments etc.

You can submit filings online via a customs broker, to avoid the overhead costs of your own direct filings, or use your own direct customs software.

We can also set up (as a one-time job) a simple data export to populate the customs filing depending on your chosen filings software without manual data re-entry, or provide a bespoke API integration.

You can even use Exabler to create cleaner trade documents online, including preferred formats, branding and letterhead etc.

Talk to us today about how we can improve and speed up your filings and reduce bounce-back.

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